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SS2 Was Able To Emulate The American M-16

weaponIn domain of assault weapons (SS) there are two spesifications that are often known to the M-16 made in the United States and the AK-47 Russian-made. There is similar weapons but actually made in Indonesia and did not lose its quality. Senjata Serbu 2 (SS 2) the artificial made of PT Pindad make M-16 lose its own movement a few times. In the three times world level shooting competition, SS2 had defeated M-16 A2, the last series of this machine gun.

“In the three times world level shooting competition. A total of 9 countries using the M-16 and Indonesia with SS2, the fact no one beat of our production,” said Timbul Sitompul, Head of Public Relations of PT Pindad, time ago. SS2 is a new generation assault rifle caliber 5.56 x 45 mm with 7 barrel range. “Lightweight, reliable and has high accuracy, using a folding stock and flexible for use as needed.” Distance accuracy of this weapon effectively reach 600 meters,” said an instructor.

weapon 2This weapon can be used by any mechanical and optical sight can also be equipped with various accessories, including silencers, bayonets, various type of grenade launchers, and others. This weapon also has developed into various types of long barrel and short barrel, either by using any mechanical to optical sight, according to the needs of operations. There are four variants of this type of SS2 variant 1 (SS2V1), SS2V2, SS2V3, SS2V4. The difference is the length of the barrel and sniping tool. SS2V4, a reporter who tried this weapon was not using the optical sight.

This weapon first produced in 2007 and as a demand for Komando Pasukan Khusus (Kopassus) TNI AD, Indonesian Special Force. “For a while has not sold out of the country,” said Timbul. This weapon (SS2) is the weapon enhancement from the earlier version SS1. It is also this weapon developed in different special type, there are marinized developed for marine condition and the swap condition, and the raider type also developed for specific battlefield.

Translated From Harian Jogja October 31th, 2009. Amiruddin Zuhri

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