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Lotus Court Resto

If this is not upscale kota’s cheapest deal, i don’t know what is. Everything is direct-cheap here, almost criminally good. So don’t just come for Dimsum on sunday. The barbeque pork glazed with honey (Rp.22.000!!) has a quasi-chemical after taste, but is sweet, succulent, and altogether pleasant. The sapo tahu is smooth, subtle, dedicate, with plenty of soft lettuce that melts in the mouth-everything sapo tahu should be. Even the breaded prawns laced with mayonnaise sauce despite being at tad to sweet, boast the right size, texture, and consistency.

Decor strip waist, it’s about as lotus courtesy as the dubbed version of one golden pound; general color scheme is black and red (black-lacquered chairs, red lanterns, etc) and is rather nicely partitioned into semi-alcoves, allowing for some privacy. While the cooking is without pretends, the menu hinds in some innovation; roast crispy pigeon, often such a tired staple is dusted with cinnamon while otherwise simple this of sauted green asparagus is imaginatively fired with kowloon-style squid, not without some success. The service is especially professional, and no one works harder than the maitre’d. Deserve to be better known.


Hotel Omni Batavia 7th Floor, Jalan Kalibesar Barat No. 46 PO BOX 4922 Jakarta Pusat

Telephone: 021-6907920, 021-6904118

Price Range: around Rp. 150.000 for two

Operating Hours: 10.00-22.30

Dress Code: Casual

Atmosphere: Calm, Private, 4-star elegant

Alcohol: Yes

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Reviewed: November 2001

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