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The Meeting With Blogger Named Ratu Was Awesome!

Yesterday (September 28, 2009) I met a blogger named Ratu. This Ratu is a blogger who has honest personality, why did I say honest? Because between the virtual world and the real world she has not much different attitude. Yesterday morning at SMS her about our agreement to meet. Okay then I just confirm my arrival. At first, I want to come alone but suddenly my friend came to the house I
would just take my friend.

Wow, earlier, my friend came with DVD Game Call of Duty 5. The Gameplay was very incredible, like real war. I played with the easiest difficulty, because I do not want reckless play. It turned out after I saw my friend demonstrating how to play, I had come to try. Well, it is very difficult and very exciting. Well after playing one we heard the sound of The Sate Padang. We were soon booked for two people. After a full meal before we rushed to go see the Ratu in front of the SMP 1 Cikini, Central Jakarta, my junior high school at the past. We reached the SMP 1 (because we will meet there) then I call the Ratu that we arrived, finally out across the street from a woman. Apparently coming toward us, we thought we would robbed by her and the woman turned out that this woman is the Ratu ahuahuahauaah.
We even met one another, Nikki also went along acquaintances. We were kidnapped by her to the front of the KFC meal. Wow, after arrived at the place we were immediately occupy rows of knowingly better ehueheu. We also ate well even though my stomach and my friend had had enough, but since it devoured delicious we are going to continue. After dinner we took pictures joyous. Nikki the photographer taking picture, the picture is always blurry when photographed by Nikki, so I call him amateur. After satisfying taking pictures, so we drove straight to the Ratu housing near the Treva hotel? Okay we stopped briefly to see what the hell. Finally, after
chatting for a while started again relapsed disease, taking pictures! I reached out sweat a lot because when photographed I’ve got much style. My photo session was finally over and we soon took leave to go home. But in the end we did not back to home but going to our friend’s house.

Thank you for Ratu, for the meeting and for the treat. heehe

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  • JengSRI
    pukul 09:45

    Long time no see! How’s my sweetheart? Didn’t realise that you also an English writer ;). I actually love to see more Indonesian people writing in English on their blogs, though it’s not written in perfectly grammar structure instead by writing will give you a hand up to enhance your English further and beter.

    How’s your thesis anyway? I heard from Ratu that you’re going to get done your thesis soon. One of the crack that has to be done before you got the degree, eh ;)? Get the hint straight, it’s your future ;)!

    Reading your meeting story with Ratu is absolutely darn cheerfull! Look at the photos both of you seemed that you get along easly as old friends!

    • aprillins
      pukul 10:03

      actually, I’m lazy to write using the English language because it needs to think more.. but because there translator from google so I am using it. Sorry if a lot of bad grammar because I was lazy to edit it up. Oh yeah, I think I was too lazy to do my thesis, so I am staying in Jakarta for a few more days again. I am sure, after arrived in Jogja, I will finish my thesis. Oh yeah, a meeting with Ratu is very pleasant. I also do not hesitate to talk with her, either she does. Well maybe because we are so fussy then we both know how to talk .. 🙂 how about you? When you get in Indonesia?

  • JengSRI
    pukul 10:50

    I’m delighted that you will finish your thesis soon! Philosophy is always be an interesting subject for every human being, I learnt it when I was in my first psychology degree.

    According to google translation, I will strictly speaking that translation is bad to people who want to learn english properly and better, as well as too many odd words found if you correct it. I advice you to use your learning grammar from school rather than using google translation. I’m going home next year *Cross fingers for it*, but not really sure due to I’m back to college for another 2 years again ;). Will contact you and Ratu when I’m back to Indonesia, we’re planning to go to Yogya to see you *if you’re still there* and a bit travel-do to see Yogya’s atmosphere ;)!

  • morishige
    pukul 09:52

    untill now, i still never “kopdar” with another blogger.. i don’t know why but maybe it’s just i can’t afford to ruin my imagination about my virtual friend.

    by the way are u going to Gadjah Mada University? so do I.. 😀