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Reason Why People Rarely Update Their Blog

I apologize to all fans apaitu.net because I rarely update this blog. This is due to busy thinking about the thesis as well as create a new template for my blog to be more optimal. Things like this I can not avoid, because making the theme is very important to me. The theme that I have been creating clear was the theme of WordPress, not the other.

There are also various issues of the themes that I make, I feel the theme I made was not so good therefore I make it again to make my blog to be the best for me and certainly for you all. I also want to share the not important thing about this blog, why the most highly sought in this blog is the word “facebook hack” I do not believe it when I make it very dummy article, but can appear in Google’s ranking abnormally. It’s all about my success story to deceive the people who want to “hack facebook”.

Go to my problems, sometimes I miss to write in blogs but somehow I feel very lazy. Is this due to my college no longer on campus? So my brain freezing? Do not know what the importance of the bloggers know that I’m working on a new template so beloved of bloggers who could be easily in the surf on my blog, other problems are due to too much bandwidth is used up then with this new template unused bandwidth may be less.. I hope I can be active in blogging soon

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  • nahdhi
    pukul 12:16

    nunut jajal Speedy seko tempat Pesta Blogger Jogja yo kang… :p