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Hypnosis for Children: Take Away The Earache

This tutorial given by William W. Hewitt in his book Hypnosis For Beginners-Reach New Levels, and here is the case. Eleven year old Mary (not her real name) had been experiencing a constant earache in her left ear for many days due to a severe infection. Her physician had given her medication for the infection, but it was working very slowly. The pain relievers were not working at all.┬áMy wife and I were visiting Mary’s parents at the time, and I asked the parents if they would allow me to hypnotize Mary to alleviate her pain. They agreed.

I had Mary stand in front of me with her left ear facing me.

“What is your problem?” I asked

She replied tearfully, “My ear hurts”

“Do you want it to hurt?”


“Would you like me to take away the pain?”

She nodded yes.

“Close your eyes, Mary I am putting my hand by your ear about a quarter inch away. Do you feel the warmth of my hand?” (I had the palm of my right hand covering her left ear, not touching it, about one quarter inch away).


“Good. Now I want you to imagine that you have an eye inside you that can go anywhere inside your body and look at things. Can you do that?”


“Good. Now look inside your left ear with that eye where you feel the warmth of my hand. Can you see the inside of your ear?”


“Very good. Now imagine strong energy coming from my hand into your ear. This energy will help you. Now I want you to light up the inside of your ear with your own energy It will like turning on a light in a dark cave. Light up your ear with the energy This is your healing energy which takes away all pain and causes the ear to get well. Have you done this?”

“Yes” She began smiling.

“Mary, I am going to count from 1 to 3 and snap my fingers. When I do, you will open your eyes and your ear will feel fine, and it will continue to feel fine 1..2..3. Open eyes and feeling fine.”

She opened her eyes and smiled. “Thank you” she said. The pain was gone and she ran off to play.

This entire procedure lasted about two minutes. I merely directed the child’s tremendous creative ability to bring about results. By the way, the infection rapidly cleared up and was gone in another twenty four hours. Make a strong mental note of several important points concerning the techniques in this case.

  1. I asked Mary what was wrong. Although I knew what was wrong, I wanted her to define the problem and thus focus her attention on it.
  2. I asked if she wanted the problem. Again, I knew the answer, but by her saying no, she made a commitment to herself to get rid of the problem.
  3. I asked if she wanted my help. Her yes answer solidified her commitment and put her faith in me and in what I was going to do. At this point on, I utilized and directed her own creative energies to solve the rest of the problem.

Yeah that was a tutorial, exactly, the hypnosis for children to take away the earache. At this point you learnt about hypnosis but for goodness, it was taking the pain away.

Cara di atas merupakan cara Hewitt dalam menghilangkan sakit pada telinga seorang anak bernama Mary dengan menggunakan hipnotis, dengan ini hipnotis terbukti pula memiliki fungsi yang baik bagi orang. Hipnotis, tampaknya di Indonesia ini, menjadi kata yang mengandung muatan negatif seperti “mengambil alih seseorang”, “memperdaya seseorang” dan sebagainya. Dengan ini terbukalah satu jalur untuk mempercayai bahwa hipnotis merupakan salah satu pengobatan yang positif.

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